Our Mission

Make the Most User Friendly and Easy to Use Application to Manage Life's Biggest Financial Decision.

Our Story

Christopher Hussain has always believed if you focus on the customer, success will follow. But, for Christopher, simply increasing sales has never been enough. He’s always looked for ways to improve his customers’ experience.

After working for leaders in the mortgage industry, Christopher started his own firm. He actively sought out and ruthlessly eliminated redundancies and inefficiencies using available technologies and building his own. He originated over 1 billion in loans and achieved back-to-back #1 Mortgage Originator Ranking by Top Overall Volume in 2011 and 2012, but he wasn’t happy.

Christopher wanted to be a true customer advocate for homebuyers, not just those he was able to personally help, but all homebuyers. Frustrated with inefficient data hand offs and little visibility into the loan approval process for his customers, he set his sights wider--a technology foundation that unifies and automates all real estate and lending processes. RealKey was born.

Our Values


We’ve built our company around the idea that the best decision you can make is an informed one.


Our reason for existing is to simplify the home buying and finance process.


Everyone is different. We take that into mind when designing our systems to suit your needs.

Our Team

Christopher Hussain


  • #1 Mortgage Originator in US in 2010 and 2011
  • Personally Originated $1+ Billion in Mortgages
  • 15+ years expertise in mortgage lending
  • Co-Founded Sindeo as Head of Operations
  • B.S in Managerial Economics, UC Davis
  • Taekwondo Master and Rare Beer Collector

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