RealKey Launches Its Automated Lending Platform (ALP) to Fill Gaps in Existing Mortgage Technologies – Your LOS and POS are Not Enough

RealKey’s new digital mortgage platform enables lenders and brokers to close more loans with less effort  

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

For too long, the mortgage industry has suffered from a reliance on legacy technologies and manual operations. I know first-hand because I was the number one Mortgage Originator in the United States for two years in a row, processing all my own loans. Additionally, I owned a 100-person branch of a franchise brokerage, where I also took on the role of National Sales Director before co-founding Sindeo (now Freedom Financial) as the COO. Today, with the launch of the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform, we are enhancing and fixing the lending industry’s pain points.

Whether you are the borrower, real estate agent, or the Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO), getting a mortgage approved is a time-consuming and broken process. Documents originate from multiple systems relating to numerous transactions that are required at different steps throughout the closing process. The inefficiencies are further compounded by outdated technologies and a lack of centralized communication for all parties involved. As many have experienced, it takes just one missing document to bring everything to a halt. Yet, despite these systematic challenges, the mortgage industry has been ineffective in solving these issues. Until today.

With the launch of the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform, we are changing how the mortgage industry operates, and are setting a new standard for more efficient mortgage processing. We are doing this with our new Automated Lending Platform (ALP), which enables automated and intelligent collection of documents, review of data, and secure communications among all collaborators in the mortgage process.

In a nutshell, RealKey can shorten the loan processing cycle by roughly 50%, allowing lenders and brokers to effectively double the number of loans they process each month. RealKey helps them scale their business to meet increasing loan application demands spurred by record-low interest rates and an increase in the number of home sales.

Providing a seamless user experience that was designed specifically for the mortgage industry, RealKey gives MLOs clarity upfront by identifying specific data and documents required, delivering a more accurate and customized experience for everyone involved in each transaction. We do this with automation through intelligence, real-time and centralized communication for everyone involved in the process, and secured storage of documents.

By facilitating and automating document collection and review, as well as streamlining the communications process, RealKey is providing a much-needed solution for what is not working in mortgage processing. As a result, we are enabling MLOs to create a cost-efficient business, while improving their ability to service their customers and differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market.

The RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform is available as a monthly subscription service for $99 per user or annually for $990. RealKey users include MLOs, processors, internal underwriters, and managers.

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