RealKey Founders Club

The Founders Club is hosted by RealKey to focus on the key issues facing the mortgage industry today. Members are the first users of RealKey’s Digital Mortgage Platform designed to streamline the existing mortgage process by generating cleaner loan files that close faster and generate happier customers. The Founders Club is dedicated to making the current mortgage process much more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. By joining this group, you will have taken the most important step of a journey to improve our industry: the first step.

Membership Benefits:

The member benefits of the Founders Club include:

  • Advance access to new platform enhancements before public releases
  • Early access to new partner integrations
  • Unique access to our product team via digital user group meetings
  • Exclusive 14-day trial period for members signing up before May 10th
  • Christopher’s Tips & Tricks for successfully managing your origination business

How to Become a Member:

Membership is simple. Select one of the following options to join this exclusive club today!

50% Faster

By focusing on just the documents needed to facilitate a mortgage loan, and reviewing them for any data that might trigger an additional condition, RealKey generates cleaner loan files that close faster, generates happier clients, and can cut your mortgage processing time by up to 50%.