RealKey’s 2021 Predictions for the Mortgage Origination Industry: Prediction #2

In our previous blog post, we revealed our first of three predictions of the trends and transformations that we believe will take place within the mortgage origination industry in 2021. Coming out of 2020, a year of unprecedented socioeconomic upheaval brought about by Covid-19, organizations have had to learn to shift gears on the fly […]

RealKey Creates Lifelong Referrals from Borrowers and Real Estate Agents with Cleaner Approvals

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder Making the customer happy is the end goal for the mortgage loan originator (MLO). Happy customers are synonymous with creating and maintaining a successful business. It takes just one happy borrower or real estate agent to create a lifelong referral source. From there, an originator can build upon referral after […]

Mortgage Lending is at an All-time High, Straining MLOs’ Capacity. RealKey Helps Lenders and Brokers Keep Up.

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder Every day we read about the record-high demand for mortgage loans and refinancing activity due to the extremely low interest rates we’ve seen this year. At the same time, MLOs are struggling to keep up due to the volume of paperwork and barriers to effective communications in loan processing. Their […]