Mortgage Brokers and Managers – Rates are Going Up, Here’s How to Stop Making the Same Mistakes and Increase Sales NOW

The end goal of your job is to provide your customers with excellent service, but the reality of operating your business means that each day, you have to go through a long list of priorities, from keeping up with new sales and managing staff to ensuring that existing transactions get funded. Add to that, you typically have back-and-forth emails and phone calls with your loan originators, processors, and underwriters, as well as borrowers, their real estate agents, title, escrow, attorneys, insurance agents, and more. The list is endless, and on an average day, you’re lucky if you can find a few minutes for a lunch break!

As a mortgage broker and manager, you cannot afford to have an unproductive day. That means your time should not be spent dealing with processing and underwriting. Instead, you need to focus on supporting your team so that they can meet their sales goals. Quite simply, as your business grows and you bring in new employees, you need to ramp up quickly to maintain your reputation and stay ahead of the competition.

Built by a former #1 Originator in the U.S. and a TurboTax Design Lead, the RealKey platform can help you work smarter and maximize your results in less time. We provide the tools you need to increase efficiencies to close more deals, provide better customer service for more client referrals, and improve follow up to get more leads. In a nutshell, we can help you improve the processes of your deal flow for repeat and referral business. How? RealKey is designed to fill in gaps in existing lender/broker technologies to fix what’s broken in the mortgage industry. We’re doing this by facilitating and automating processes through our key features, like our Conditions Engine, which intelligently triggers conditions and document needs based on the loan application exported from your LOS (Loan Origination System), and automatically invites the right collaborators at the right time (not just the borrower or your internal staff). We’ve also streamlined your communications through our Centralized Chat feature, improving upon outdated and inefficient emails and phone calls or full voicemails. 

RealKey helps with obtaining preferred rates and underwriting, affording lenders/brokers an edge over the competition. RealKey’s smart conditioning and improved submission/review statuses gets the right documents the first time so that you can submit clean files with less back-and-forth with underwriting.

Need to respond to customers faster? Through our Centralized Chat Engine, RealKey automatically invites parties based on their role, and allows for live chat in a single location for a more efficient way to exchange information and improve response time, meaning happier customers who come back for future transactions and provide referrals to their friends and family.

With intelligent document collection and review, coupled with centralized communication for all parties involved in a mortgage transaction, our combined capabilities can shorten the loan processing cycle by 50%, saving you money and time, enabling you to process more loans and grow your business.

Stop making the same mistakes, and focus on automating your mortgage operations.

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