Mortgage Lending is at an All-time High, Straining MLOs’ Capacity. RealKey Helps Lenders and Brokers Keep Up.

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

Every day we read about the record-high demand for mortgage loans and refinancing activity due to the extremely low interest rates we’ve seen this year. At the same time, MLOs are struggling to keep up due to the volume of paperwork and barriers to effective communications in loan processing. Their pipelines are backed up like a beaver damming a river’s flow. As a result, when demand for mortgages goes up, MLOs’ capacity goes down — and they and their teams are focused on damming the river, getting the documents needed, keeping those documents and the people involved updated, all while juggling incoming applications and growing their networks. Ultimately, some originators may be forced to drop customers altogether if they can’t fit them into their current workload. That’s no way to run or grow a business.

RealKey offers everyone in the loan process a real solution. The RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform significantly streamlines loan processing through automated document collection and review, as well as enabling centralized communications among all parties. This amounts to you closing more loans for your customers in a much shorter time frame so you can meet the growth in demand and scale your business. As a result, your customers have a much more pleasurable experience, which means they’re more likely to give you referrals and repeat business in the future.

Can you imagine providing a mortgage loan experience that your customers — and all other parties involved, including yourself — find relatively painless and easy? How nice would that be! While it may sound like a dream, RealKey makes it a reality. Here’s how.

RealKey delivers a fully digital mortgage processing experience to lenders, brokers, and their clients through:

  • Automated intelligent collection and review of documents, meaning less back and forth with your customers, underwriters, and lenders
  • Enabling fast, secure communications through a centralized portal for all parties involved
  • Providing centralized storage of all relevant information for easy access by all parties
  • Working seamlessly with your existing LOS, POS and AUS systems and operations to make the entire process faster and more efficient

These combined capabilities shorten the loan processing cycle by roughly 50%, giving you more time to close more loans and grow your business to meet increasing loan application demands.

Are you ready to get more capacity out of your team and your business, so you can close more loans? With the holiday crunch fast approaching, this is a great time to give RealKey a try. Sign-up here for a seven-day free trial.


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