Introducing the RealKey Referral Program

Get Paid for Referring Your Colleagues and Other Mortgage Broker/Lender Offices to RealKey

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

RealKey is excited to announce the launch of the RealKey Referral Program. We want to improve the industry, quickly. So, we made this simple referral program to help get the word out, and give everyone involved a little incentive. Your broker/lender friends get the benefit of adding RealKey as their favorite new secret weapon. Not to mention, the more people who are on RealKey, the easier your future transactions will be for you and the rest of the industry.

The RealKey Referral Program is simple. You get paid based on how many new users you refer to us to sign-up for an account (MLOs, Processors, Internal Underwriters, and Managers of Brokers and Lenders). The more lenders and brokers lives you improve by introducing to RealKey, the better this industry will be. Here’s a bit more detail:

  • Classic: $40 for a new monthly subscription referral or $200 for a new annual subscription referral
  • Guilded Referrer (10 referrals or more for 3 consecutive months): $50 for a new monthly subscription referral or $250 for a new annual subscription referral

Referral Process:

  • Refer colleagues to the RealKey website to create their new account
  • Have your referral enter your email address in the referral code section of the credit card screen (note: new accounts get a no-obligation 7-day trial, meaning they have nothing to lose)
  • RealKey will send you an email after the new user’s 1st month to obtain your PayPal or Zelle info to get you paid

It’s time to introduce your colleagues to a better, more efficient way of working by streamlining loan processing and underwriting using RealKey’s digital mortgage platform.

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