Top MLOs Use RealKey to Reduce Wasted Time and Gain the Upperhand on the Lending Industry

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

The top originators in the industry are a different breed. It’s not only the way they sell or the countless hours they spend in the office that makes them the best. What sets them apart is the efficiency at which they originate and process their transactions, so that they have the extra time to do more and be more. The tools they use give them an upper hand over those who are late to adopt. And RealKey is the latest tool these top producers are swearing by, signing up themselves and their teams as early adopters to further their advantage over those who are not in the know.

It’s time to rise above the average, and level the playing field. To get there, you need to do what the top originators do, and adapt quickly to changes in the industry — adopting the latest tools early so that you can wield them expertly ahead of the competition, gaining the upper hand. Leveraging RealKey makes processing, underwriting, and closing an effortless process. Learn from the top originators — there is a better, more productive way to operate your business, so stop losing deals to other lenders because of too many conditions and not enough time! In a nutshell, RealKey gives back to you the hours to days spent emailing and calling everyone involved in the process, dealing with an endless list of needed documentation to clear your files to close.

As we all know, missing conditions add even more time to an already broken process, because it takes just one oversight to put an immediate halt to your transactions. With the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform, you can cut your mortgage processing time by up to 50%, creating the time you need to focus on doing more with less effort and resources. RealKey is a tool that differentiates you and your company from the endless list of competitors, drastically improving the likelihood of repeat and referral business, and increasing your efficiency by making transactions more effortless for you and everyone involved.

How RealKey Can Help You

  • Intelligent document collection and review, so that conditions are met the first time with less back-and-forth with underwriting
  • Automated updates sent to all parties involved, so everyone knows how a transaction is progressing
  • Comprehensive repository, where all relevant documents are securely stored in the cloud, and can be uploaded and downloaded 24/7 by all parties involved based on user roles, not just the borrower
  • Centralized communication through chat, where all parties can chat as a group within document requirement rooms, as well as individually, greatly improving response times for busy people who do not have the time or privacy for phone calls and multiple emails

Are you ready to operate like the top originators by adopting the latest tools to increase your efficiency and grow your business? Get started today and stop losing deals to your competitors. Sign-up here for a seven-day free trial.