RealKey Founders Club: Get Exclusive Access to RealKey’s CEO and Leadership Team


Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

Home sales are at record highs across the country, and that means for those in the mortgage industry, having the right technology is more important than ever. By being an early adopter to cutting-edge solutions, you can gain an upper hand by closing faster, providing a better experience for your customers, and increasing client acquisitions so that you can grow your business. RealKey is helping mortgage loan originators (MLOs) do just that with the Founders Club, an exclusive group of users who learned about and joined RealKey before all others.

We know that understanding and addressing what our customers want, need, and expect is the core to success for you and for us. As a Founders Club member, we’ll give you extra time and attention to help maximize your productivity by minimizing wasted time and expense beyond the RealKey platform. That means you will have exclusive access to me, Christopher Hussain, and RealKey’s leadership team. I will share with you my insights, and tips and tricks so that you can do more with less effort. I will help you nurture your business growth, and show you how to seamlessly interact with everyone involved in the mortgage process so that it’s an enjoyable experience for you and your customers.

Founders Club exclusive access includes:

  • Christopher, CEO and Founder of RealKey, will make himself available for one-on-one discussions with branch offices. Based upon availability, Christopher will also provide single MLOs with extra time and support to help them improve performance and productivity. 
  • RealKey’s leadership team will host bi-weekly user group meetings to share ideas and learn what features are most important to their business.

Offices and MLOs who would like to participate must sign up for RealKey by May 12th.

When signing up, there is no cost or obligation required of you. You will have early access for users of your choice, plus 14 full days beyond May 12th to continue trialing the product before any charges are made.

With the Founders Club, we are rewarding our most loyal users by providing increased access to the leadership team, because your success is our success. As time progresses, additional exclusive perks will be provided to our most loyal users, including designation of your status on our platform.

With the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform, we are changing how the mortgage industry operates, shortening the loan processing cycle by up to 50%. We are setting a new standard for more efficient mortgage processing by automating documentation collection and review by underwriters and processors, and streamlining communications through a centralized chat for all collaborators in the mortgage process.

Want to learn more about the Founders Club, and how you can join now to gain exclusive and early access?  Visit here.