RealKey Founders Club: Join NOW to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Christopher Hussain, CEO and Founder

As many of us have read about and seen firsthand, early adopters to new technologies can gain a competitive edge to measurably improve efficiencies, drive business growth, and bolster their market position. The same holds true for those in the mortgage industry, which is ripe for transformation. This is why we are introducing the Founders Club.

Hosted by RealKey’s leadership team, the Founders Club’s mission is to help those in the mortgage industry overcome key challenges, from streamlining communications and removing manual processes to generating cleaner loan files that close faster. Our commitment to you is to make the current mortgage process not only more enjoyable for everyone involved, but also more efficient by cutting your mortgage processing time by up to 50%.

When joining the Founders Club, you’ll receive many exclusive benefits, including direct access to me, Christopher Hussain, for tips and tricks to successfully manage your origination business. I know first hand the challenges and personal sacrifices that go into becoming a top producing mortgage loan originator (MLO). In fact, I was the number one MLO in the United States for two straight years, personally originating and funding over $2 billion in residential loans in all 50 states without the support of any staff. My success was possible because of the systems I built. As a member of the Founders Club, you’ll learn what I did to take a better loan application, create cleaner submissions, improve conversation ratios, and more.

Additional membership benefits include:

  • Advance access to new platform enhancements before public releases
  • Early access to new partner integrations
  • Access to our product team via digital user group meetings
  • Direct influence on upcoming features
  • Additional support and customizations
  • Exclusive 14-day trial period for members signing up before May 12th

With the RealKey Digital Mortgage Platform, we are changing how the mortgage industry operates, shortening the loan processing cycle by up to 50%. We are setting a new standard for more efficient mortgage processing by automating documentation collection and review by underwriters and processors, and streamlining communications through a centralized chat for all collaborators in the mortgage process.

Want to learn more about the Founders Club, and how you can join now to gain exclusive and early access?  Visit here.

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